What is Corporate Wellness?


A recent survey of 60 South African companies with more than 7000 employees revealed that absenteeism due to illness, costs South Africa a massive R19 billion per year. Corporate Absenteeism Management Solutions (CAMS) conducted the survey over the course of a year.


Research also shows that the estimated cost of cardiovascular disease in South Africa is between 6 and 10 Billion rands per annum and this does not include the cost of lost productivity due to absenteeism and sick leave.

Promoting health and wellness amongst employees is no longer a ‘nice to have’ work initiative, it is a necessity.  To combat these huge costs, employers should show a genuine interest in the health of their employees and encourage them to take ownership of their health.


Companies need to facilitate increased awareness and lifestyle change amongst their staff, with a strong focus how to achieve balance in the body. While everyone could benefit from adding healthy habits to their lifestyles, it can be a real challenge to begin a new habit when they are already overscheduled and overwhelmed by stress! The good news is, even a small amount of exercise and minor changes in lifestyle can significantly improve the health of an employee. Healthy employees positively impact the bottom line of a company; this is manifested in terms of lower health costs, lower staff turnover, higher morale as well as improved productivity and creativity.


Companies that implement a corporate wellness strategy see marked and lasting results amongst their employees. One of the most challenging aspects of wellness is helping people to get a holistic view of health. It is vital that all of the elements of optimal health are taught and implemented. This ensures overall buy-in and commitment. Only when all the pieces of the health puzzle are exposed, do people fully understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle.


Wellnesswave provides a service that encompasses all areas of wellness that make up a healthy active life and therefore it is easier to stick to the rules.


The three elements of wellness are:


Mind – The ability to assimilate information and turn it into action.

Body – The action behind the rules.

Nutrition – The fuel that both the body and mind require to function optimally.



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